Top 10 Argentine winemakers to watch

March 25, 2015

Matias Michelini, Passionate Wine & Super Uco

Perhaps the most radical of Argentina’s winemakers, Matias Michelini was fondly known as “the green Michelini” for years, and his colourful winemaking still makes him the compelling anti-hero of the Argentine wine scene. Pioneering a lean wine style with often electric acidity, Michelini has been [...]

What do you need to know about Argentina, to know its wines?

March 25, 2015

In the planisphere of wine, Argentina occupies a curious place: neither old nor new world, each one with its own part to play. But more importantly, it offers things that are unique, not only for its terroirs but also for its people. In this article we review seven things you need to know about Argentina, its wines and its food.

Del Aconcagua al Valle de Uco

March 20, 2015 by Daniel Cattaneo

El Russo es uno de esos cocineros versátiles, que busca los productos típicos y frescos de cada zona, generando una propuesta que ya viene bien desde el arranque.

Haciendo un poco de historia: vivió 5 años en Europa, obviamente ligándose a la gastronomía y llegó a Mendoza donde comenzó a trabajar en restaurantes “clásicos”. Hasta ahí, [...]

¿Por qué el vino se toma en copa?

March 20, 2015 by Daniel Cattaneo

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Wine & Guest 2015 Noche Bonarda – Garavaglia Winery y Bonarda Hotel

March 19, 2015 by Daniel Cattaneo

El segundo after office Wine & Guest estará destinado, una vez más, a la Noche Bonarda. El jueves 26 de marzo, de 20 a 22hs, Bonarda Hotel y Garavaglia Winery fusionarán vinos de la bodega y exquisita gastronomía en el jardín del hotel.

De Dónde Vino el Vino: descubrí dónde nace el vino que tomás

March 19, 2015 by Daniel Cattaneo

Los vinos que bebemos en el país han sido producidos en distintas regiones vitivinícolas y son de diferentes varietales. Para conocer el lugar exacto donde se producen los tintos y blancos de los que habla el mundo, la UNCuyo elaboró el primer mapa georreferenciado del vino argentino.


  • Ruca Malén

    Ruca Malén

    Bodega Ruca Malén was born in 1998 as the result of the dream of two friends who shared the same passion: to make high-quality wines.…

  • Del Fin del Mundo

    Del Fin del Mundo

    The mystic that surrounds these wines emanates from the location of this winery: the vast Patagonia. Bodega Del Fin del Mundo is the…

  • Finca Decero

    Finca Decero

    As Decero means "from scratch", this way Finca Decero was born, from a land that once was a bare patch of soil in the Argentine foothills…

  • Furlotti


    The beginning of the winery dates back to 1889, when Angel Furlotti, Italian from Parma, arrived in Argentina, full of dreams, with…

  • Dominio de Uyata

    Dominio de Uyata

Wineries' News


“At SinFin, we are going strongly for wine tourism”

Carlos Caselles, owner of the winery talked to WineSur and made an assessment of this year. Likewise, he stressed that in 2015, the industry will experience a process full of uncertainty and adjustments, propelled by inflation and exchange rate lag.

José Galante: “I’ve always loved producing refined and elegant wines”

The widely-recognized Salentein’s chief winemaker says that he has never endorsed the school promoting the production of highly aged and extractive wines. He thinks that the industry should work to keep maintaining the price-quality ratio.


Same-day delivery: The next frontier for online wine?

August 20, 2014

The one advantage that wine shops have over online stores is the sense of immediacy. Online stores are now taking steps to address this particular problem through the use of same-day delivery.