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Wine Guide

White Blend Sparkling Rosé Red

Some Wines


Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Sight: Intense red color.
Nose: Intense and complex. Aroma of black fruits such as blackberries, combined with spicy notes. Its barrel aging provides it with spicy and toasted notes.
Mouth: Elegant and with a great concentration in mouth. Good greasiness and soft tannins. Its fruity and spicy aromas are long and persistent.


Blend: Bonarda 100%
Sight: Vigorous with a lively, intense and bright red colour with purple hues.
Nose: Luscious ripe red fruit, cherries and plums aromas, which gives this varietal its true identity. Its delicate herbaceous notes blend well with blackberries aromas. It displays hints of coffee laced with vanilla notes originated during its aging in french oak barrels for 12 months.
Mouth: Fleshy, thick and full-bodied. It is captivating for its rich acidity and velvet tannins.


Blend: Malbec 100%
Sight: A glass-coating opaque purple color.
Nose: High complexity and intensity. It expresses Uco Valley characterized by notes like exotic spices, sandalwood, violets and lavander. Fresh and ripe fruits –such as black cherries, plums and blueberries. After the fruits, it displays notes from the oak such as vanilla, chocolate, caramel and blond tobacco, which denote the 150% oak ageing in new French oak for 20 months. Also some black liquorice notes appear at the end.
Mouth: The mouth entry is very fulfilling and some sweetness is shown because of its ripe velvety tannins. It’s very fleshy and meaty, with fine and present tannins and very well integrated acidity that adds freshness to the wine and makes it very pleasant to drink.