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Wine Guide

White Blend Sparkling Rosé Red

Some Wines


Blend: Malbec 100%
Sight: bright and intense color with blackish and purplish hues
Nose: it displays complex and intense aromas of red and black berries with a spiced hint of clove and pepper
Mouth: in the mouth, it offers firm tannins giving it great structure for a long storage. The acidity is balanced with the sweetness of alcohol. It is fresh with long finish


Blend: Malbec 100%
Sight: Intense, dark, red color
Nose: The nose is very intense with complex notes of candied fruit from the Malbec and the oak aging.
Mouth: The mouth is ample, voluminous and inviting. The finish is long and persistent.


Blend: Semillón 100%
Sight: Very nice ambar color, with some green hints.
Nose: Fresh, elegant and intense. It remarkable at the first snif fresh herbes and citrics notes, later we can find some typical descriptors as white flowers and honey. Some oak notes such as coconut and soft vanilla aromas.
Mouth: The wine has a very fresh mouth filling with a well balanced acidity that remarks the freshness of the wine. The aromatic in the back of the mouth are similar to those in the nose. It is a very dense wine, elegant, soft and velvety with a persistent end.