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Wine Guide

White Blend Sparkling Rosé Red

Some Wines


Blend: Malbec 75% - Tannat 5% - Shiraz 5% - Cabernet Sauvignon 15%
Sight: Deep ruby red and bright with purple tones.
Nose: Very fruity and sweet with intense aromas of red berries like cherry and raspberry, and black berries such as mulberry. A soft chocolate touch due to its oaking.
Mouth: Fresh with high fruit expression and spicy notes such as pepper. It is very intense, well structured with a long mouthfil. Very easy to drink due to its soft, gentle, and round tannins.


Blend: Malbec 50% - Petit Verdot 5% - Cabernet Sauvignon 20% - Syrah 15% - Tannat 10%
Sight: Deep red purple.
Nose: Wafting aromas of red currants, black cherries and mildly smoky and sweet vanilla oak.
Mouth: Layers of currant fruit, dense black cherry and notes of brown spice (cocoa, nutmeg), dark chocolate, and hints of sandalwood. Keeps showing its complexity as it breathes in the glass. Perfect balance, great concentration and length, and loaded with fine, ripe tannins.


Blend: Torrontés 100%
Sight: Bright and clear with green hues.
Nose: Very elegant, with a lot of floral and citric notes.
Mouth: Fresh in mouth, long and round.