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Familia Schroeder - Patagonia



Familia Schroeder se suma a las celebraciones por el día mundial del Malbec

La bodega patagónica Familia Schroeder se suma durante el mes de Abril a los eventos que se llevan a cabo alrededor del mundo por el Día Mundial del Malbec.

Serán días a puro festejo los que se vivirán en San Patricio del Chañar. La visita comenzará en el viñedo mostrándoles a los turistas las vides [...]

Búsqueda de huevos de pascua en Bodega Familia Schroeder

La bodega de San Patricio del Chañar invita a celebrar la Pascua con una búsqueda de huevos para los más chicos.


Saurus Pinot Noir Tardío 2010

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Sight: It shows a typical soft red Pinot Noir color with orange hints due to the over ripening. In the glass is a heavy wine that creates persistent legs.
Nose: To the nose, volatile and mineral aromas melt with some honey, ripen fruit, mandarin liquor and pollen scents. It is very complex. Different sensations appear in the glass.
Mouth: Sweet and velvety mouthfeeling. The natural acidity makes it fresh and persistent. Balanced wine with oak notes and sweet tannins provided by the contact with the seeds.

Saurus Select Malbec 2010

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: This Malbec features to the sight an intense dark purplish red.
Nose: There are some ripe red fruit aromas such as currants, plums and sour berries melt with some spicy hints to the nose. The barrel ageing brings some vanilla and coffee notes.
Mouth: The mouth-feel is pleasant and well balanced and the long, the lingering finish is dominated by sweet, velvety tannins.

Saurus Patagonia Selec Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc 100%
Sight: This Sauvignon Blanc presents a pale straw-yellow color
Nose: The rich and refined nose features citrus aromas such as pink grapefruit and lime, white peach and pasture notes. The fermentation in small oak barrels contributes with some elegant notes of vanilla and caramel
Mouth: The palate is fresh, soft and, clean with fruity hints and a balanced acidity. It has a great length.

About us

Patagonia: endless horizons, snow melt waters, majestic landscapes, vast lands traversed by the wind. This is the birthplace of Familia Schroeder's wines.

Elegant wines, of intense bright colors, complex and greatly structured, are produced with thoroughly selected grapes from the vineyards that gently surround the winery.

Familia Schroeder's wines have become a faithful reflection of their outstanding terroir.

This state-of-the-art winery was built in different levels, using gravity in the winemaking process. During its construction, fossils of a 75-million-year-old dinosaur were found in its interior, fact that was the inspiration for naming its first wine range, Saurus. This relic is on permanent exhibit in a special area, visited by more than 20,000 tourists every year.